Band of Chaos 4E

Irontooth's Demise
A new adventurer joins the players
  • Gurdis the Cleric

After freeing Douvan from the evil band of humanoids the players find a note reading “Our work here is almost complete we will transfer any remaining items to the keep.” With no signiture the adventurers are left to wonder who else this band may be working for. Douven told them there have been whispers lately of a cult but the kobold problem has been more prominent in the gossip of Winterhaven. After confering with the player Douven leaves on his own to head back to Winterhaven. The party decides they should head towards the kobold lair and deal with the immediate threat Irontooth and his minions provide.

I’ll finish the rest tomorrow.

{End Session}

Players earned 635 experience each for this session.
  • This Promotes the following characters to level 2.
    • Vladmir
    • Gliff
    • Ishmael
    • Braak
The Beginning

Our Players have Chosen their paths and start their adventure.

The Heroes set off down the Kings Road in seach of Gliff’s mentor Douven Staul. A three day journey to Winterhaven awaits them after accepting the quest from Douvens wife. Along the way they are beset by kobold highwaymen. Fairly easily dispatching this rabble they arrive at their destination where they hear of more trouble from the kobolds, but whisperings of other problems are also heard. They talk to a man in a bar named Valthrun who tells them of a dragon burial ground Douven was heading towards. The party learns Douven has been back to town since his wife had heard of his disappearance. Gliff also talks to the town guard and finds the location of the kobold hideout. The adventurers take a short rest in the town and then set out the same day to find Gliff’s Mentor.

They soon make their way through the forest with Vladmir leading the way. They find the clearing that was mentioned and spy several huminoids. One of them a Gnome welcomes the party and shouts for them to come closer. Gliff senses this may be a trap and warns his compatriots to keep their distance as they start their attack. The players are swarmed by human rabble as the gnome stays in the back aparently giving the orders. Small drake-like creatures also engage the party ferociously attacking them. A halfling sits high on a perch slinging stones at them. The party powers their way through the human rabble and drakes. As they move on the gnome he seemingly dissapears mid combat as the halfling continues to rain his stones on them. The gnome reappears driving his dagger deep into Vladmir and quickly is defeated, while the ranged party members try to take care of the halfling as he begins to try and flee he is smote down by the cleric.

The players free Douvan and he awards them with an amulet, saying he will return to town until the area has calmed down to further his studies.

{End Session}

Players earned 581 experience for this session.


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